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Ranger Station Number 2Aberdeen
West Pilot StationAberdeen
Clyde StationAbilene
Merkel Pumping StationAbilene
Four Mound Fire StationAirway Heights
Akron Water Pollution Control StationAkron
Dennison Station (historical)Akron
Doylestown Station (historical)Akron
Indigo Lake StationAkron
Boothton StationAlabaster
Alameda Station (historical)Alameda
Bay Street Station (historical)Alameda
Chestnut Street Station (historical)Alameda
Encinal Station (historical)Alameda
Fifth Street Station (historical)Alameda
High Street Station (historical)Alameda
Mastic Station (historical)Alameda
Morton Street Station (historical)Alameda
Park Street Station (historical)Alameda
Seventh Street Station (historical)Alameda
Versailles Station (historical)Alameda
Willow Street Station (historical)Alameda
Donna Pumping StationAlamo
Alamogordo Weather StationAlamogordo
Cloudcroft Weather StationAlamogordo
Fresnal Ranger StationAlamogordo
Mayhill Weather StationAlamogordo
Mountain Park Weather StationAlamogordo
Orogrande Weather StationAlamogordo
Tularosa Weather StationAlamogordo
White Sands Weather StationAlamogordo
Alamosa Guard StationAlamosa
Carnero Guard StationAlamosa
Elwood Guard StationAlamosa
River Springs Ranger StationAlamosa
Niagara-Mohawk Power Corporation Central Avenue Sub-StationAlbany
Niagara-Mohawk Power Corporation Rensselaer Sub-StationAlbany
Southwest Georgia Agricultural Branch StationAlbany
United States Pecan Field StationAlbany
Misenheimer Springs StationAlbemarle
Albuquerque Weather StationAlbuquerque
Belen Weather StationAlbuquerque
Jaral Ranger StationAlbuquerque
Los Lunas Weather StationAlbuquerque
Sandia Park Weather StationAlbuquerque
Sandia Ranger StationAlbuquerque
Tijeras Weather StationAlbuquerque
Rockford StationAlcoa
Tipton StationAlcoa
Alexandria Union StationAlexandria
Braddock Road Metro StationAlexandria
Braddock Road Subway StationAlexandria
Edsall StationAlexandria
Eisenhower Avenue Metro StationAlexandria
Galbraith StationAlexandria
Huntington Metro StationAlexandria
King Street Metro StationAlexandria
Van Dorn Metro StationAlexandria
Agua Dulce Pumping StationAlice
Robstown Pumping StationAlice
Collins Radio Experimental StationAllen
Lyon Station (historical)Allentown
Alma StationAlma
Ashley StationAlma
Bannister StationAlma
Birch Run StationAlma
Breckenridge StationAlma
Butternut Station (historical)Alma
Carson City Station (historical)Alma
Cedar Lake Station (historical)Alma
Colby's Station (historical)Alma
Edmore Station (historical)Alma
Elwell Station (historical)Alma
Fenwick Station (historical)Alma
Forest Hill StationAlma
Ithaca StationAlma
McBrides Station (historical)Alma
Meridian StationAlma
Middleton StationAlma
North Star StationAlma
Ola StationAlma
Perrinton StationAlma
Pompeii StationAlma
Riverdale Station (historical)Alma
Saint Louis StationAlma
Sheridan Station (historical)Alma
Sidney Station (historical)Alma
Six Lakes Station (historical)Alma
Stanton Station (historical)Alma
Vestaburg Station (historical)Alma
Vickeryville Station (historical)Alma
Wheeler StationAlma
Wyman Station (historical)Alma
Corral Canyon Fire StationAlpine
Descanso Fire StationAlpine
Flinn Springs Fire Control StationAlpine
Japatu StationAlpine
Forest Lake Railroad StationAltamonte Springs
Youngs Railroad StationAltamonte Springs
Condron Station (historical)Altoona
Dawson Station (historical)Altoona
Dystart StationAltoona
Karen Number 1 Mine StationAltoona
Kladder StationAltoona
Lilly StationAltoona
Mitchell StationAltoona
Oakwood StationAltoona
Pennsylvania Glass Sand Company StationAltoona
Ambrose Station (historical)Alturas
Ambrose Station PumphouseAlturas
Big Valley Ranger StationAlturas
Devils Garden Ranger StationAlturas
Willow Creek StationAlturas
Sandy Land Research StationAltus
Burlington StationAmarillo
Canyon Pumping StationAmarillo
Huber Booster StationAmarillo
Huber Water StationAmarillo
McSpadden Pumping StationAmarillo
Rock Island StationAmarillo
Santa Fe StationAmarillo
Pleasant Grove Ranger StationAmerican Fork
South Fork Ranger StationAmerican Fork
Timpooneke Guard StationAmerican Fork
Newburyport StationAmesbury
Niagara-Mohawk Power Corporation Church Street Sub-StationAmsterdam
Disneyland Monorail - DisneylandAnaheim
Disneyland Monorail - Downtown DisneyAnaheim
Disneyland Railroad - Main St. StationAnaheim
Baker Fire Control StationAnderson
Manton Fire Control StationAnderson
Ogo State Fire StationAnderson
Saddle Camp Forest Service StationAnderson
Whitmore Forest Fire StationAnderson
Andover StationAndover
Ballardville StationAndover
Ingalls Station (historical)Andover
Machine Shop Station (historical)Andover
Marble Ridge StationAndover
Stevens Crossing Station (historical)Andover
Genther StationAngleton
Horsethief Guard StationAnthem
Summit Lake Ranger StationAntigo
Antioch Station (historical)Antioch
Mount View Station (historical)Antioch
Navajo StationApache Junction
Schells StationsApache Junction
Toronto Railroad StationApopka
Big Santa Anita Guard Station (historical)Arcadia
Bunker Railroad StationArcadia
Chantry Flat StationArcadia
Charlton StationArcadia
Chilao StationArcadia
Shortcut StationArcadia
Ammon StationArcata
Campbell Creek Guard Station (historical)Arcata
Fernwood CDF Fire StationArcata
Lower Trinity Ranger StationArcata
Lower Trinity Ranger StationArcata
Wise StationArcata
Ardsley StationArdsley
Dobbs Ferry StationArdsley
Scarsdale StationArdsley
Arlington Cemetery Metro StationArlington
Ballston-MU Metro StationArlington
Belmont StationArlington
Capital Tradition Company Union Station (historical)Arlington
Clarendon Metro StationArlington
Courthouse Metro StationArlington
Crystal City Metro StationArlington
East Falls Church Metro StationArlington
Medford Station (historical)Arlington
Pentagon City Metro StationArlington
Pentagon Metro StationArlington
Reagan Washington National Airport Metro StationArlington
Rosslyn Metro StationArlington
Sauk Guard StationArlington
Sauk StationArlington
Shepherd Station (historical)Arlington
Virginia Square-GMU Metro StationArlington
West Medford StationArlington
Arroyo Grande StationArroyo Grande
Avenales StationArroyo Grande
Sunapee StationAscutney
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Dulles Weather StationAshburn
Bent Creek Experimental StationAsheville
Ashland Ranger Station (historical)Ashland
Bailey Mine Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Bailey Mine Station (historical)Ashland
Beaver Creek Forest Service StationAshland
Bells Trace Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Ben Bow Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Big Elk Guard StationAshland
Burgess Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Burgess Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Chapman Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Davis StationAshland
Eloise Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Fallsburg Oil Pumping StationAshland
Firebrick Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
G N Cabin Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Gallop Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Garrison Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Georges Creek Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Glen Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Grant Station (historical)Ashland
Hanover Station (historical)Ashland
Haverhill Station (historical)Ashland
Henrietta Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Imnaha Guard StationAshland
Kilgore Station (historical)Ashland
Leach Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Leon Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Lloyd Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Lockwood Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Meads Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Mine Forest Service StationAshland
Moon Prairie Guard StationAshland
Mount Savage Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Needmore Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Northup Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Norton Station (historical)Ashland
Patrick Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Pecks Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Pope Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Potters Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Princess Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Quincy Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Richardson Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Rock Branch Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Rockville Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Rush StationAshland
Seaton Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Summit Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Winslow Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Wright Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Zelda Railroad Station (historical)Ashland
Norrrie Guard StationAspen
Santa Margarita Fire Control StationAtascadero
Auburn Experimental StationAthens
Cambria Station (historical)Athens
College StationAthens
Days Station (historical)Athens
Delano Station (historical)Athens
Hiawassee Ranger StationAthens
Popes Station (historical)Athens
Rogers StationAthens
Tom StationAthens
Wilson StationAthens
Airport StationAtlanta
Arts Center StationAtlanta
Ashby StationAtlanta
Bankhead StationAtlanta
Brookhaven-Oglethorpe University StationAtlanta
Brookwood StationAtlanta
Buckhead StationAtlanta
Chattahoochee StationAtlanta
East Point StationAtlanta
Edgewood-Candler Park StationAtlanta
Emory Police StationAtlanta
Emory StationAtlanta
Five Points StationAtlanta
Garnett StationAtlanta
Georgia StationAtlanta
Hamilton E Holmes StationAtlanta
Inman Park-Reynoldstown StationAtlanta
King Memorial StationAtlanta
Lakewood-Fort McPherson StationAtlanta
Lindbergh Center StationAtlanta
North Druid Hills StationAtlanta
Northside Drive StationAtlanta
Oakland City StationAtlanta
Omni-Dome-Georgia World Congress Center StationAtlanta
Perry Holmes StationAtlanta
Union StationAtlanta
West End StationAtlanta
West Lake StationAtlanta
Brownlee-Boulder Park StationAtlanta Georgia
Buckeye Railroad StationAtmore
Tarzan Railroad StationAtmore
Corfu StationAttica
Greigsville StationAttica
Lehigh Station (historical)Attica
North Java StationAttica
Lonsdale Station (historical)Attleboro
South Attleboro StationAttleboro
Auburn StationAuburn
Auburn University Agricultural Experiment StationAuburn
Auburn Water Works Pumping Station Number 1Auburn
Brick Church Station (historical)Auburn
Fisherville StationAuburn
Freeland StationAuburn
Half Acre StationAuburn
Hebron StationAuburn
Jamesville Station (historical)Auburn
Lehigh Valley Station (historical)Auburn
Poland Spring StationAuburn
University of Maine Agriculture StationAuburn
Wade Station Fish HatcheryAuburn
Webster Transfer StationAuburn
Pontiac Amtrak StationAuburn Hills
Pontiac Greyhound StationAuburn Hills
Betzwood StationAudubon
Union StationAugusta
Wilton Station (historical)Augusta
Windsor StationAugusta
Woodlawn StationAugusta
Garfield Pumping StationAustin
Dorset Station (historical)Austinburg
Orwell Station (historical)Austinburg
Rock Creek Station (historical)Austinburg
Rome StationAustinburg
Saybrook Station (historical)Austinburg
Avenel StationAvenel
Colonia StationAvenel
Woodbridge StationAvenel

* Please note, not all lists are complete.
USA list contains 'stations' not related to transportation.