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Poison Creek Stage StationCaldwell
Univ of Idaho Agr Experimental StationCaldwell
Chilton Area Horticulture Sub-StationCalera
Westmoreland County Montross Transfer StationCalifornia
Berne Compressor StationCambridge
Cassell Station (historical)Cambridge
Glenwood Station (historical)Cambridge
Mount Ephraim Station (historical)Cambridge
Park Street Railroad StationCambridge
Park Street Station (historical)Cambridge
Porter Square StationCambridge
Prospect Hill Station (historical)Cambridge
Branch Avenue Metro StationCamp Springs
Johnson Wash Ranger StationCamp Verde
Sycamore Ranger StationCamp Verde
Beaver Creek Station (historical)Canby
Berlin Center StationCanfield
Ellsworth StationCanfield
Greenford Station (historical)Canfield
Sterling Forest StationCannon Beach
Hills Station (historical)Canonsburg
Hyland Station (historical)Canonsburg
Freeburg StationCanton
Mapleton Station (historical)Canton
Wayne Greyhound StationCanton
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Hangar Air Force Recovery SlipCape Canaveral
United States Coast Guard Station Port Canaveral WharfCape Canaveral
Benton Station (historical)Cape Girardeau
Pocahontas StationCape Girardeau
Morgan Boulevard StationCapitol Heights
Fountain Bluff StationCarbondale
Galum Station (historical)Carbondale
Mount Pleasant Station (historical)Carbondale
Ora Station (historical)Carbondale
Hardys Station (historical)Carlin
Horseshoe StationCarlin
Twin Creek Station (historical)Carlin
Doners StationCarlisle
Durward StationCarlisle
Greythorne StationCarlisle
New Kingston StationCarlisle
Artesia Weather StationCarlsbad
Beeson StationCarlsbad
Carlsbad Caverns Weather StationCarlsbad
Carlsbad Weather StationCarlsbad
Guadalupe Pumping StationCarlsbad
Hope Weather StationCarlsbad
Lake Avalon Weather StationCarlsbad
Loving Weather StationCarlsbad
Maljamar Weather StationCarlsbad
New Mexico State University Experimental StationCarlsbad
Laguna Seca Ranger StationCarmel
Carmel River Guard StationCarmel Valley
Tularcitos Guard StationCarmel Valley
Rincon StationCarpinteria
Brights StationCarrollton
Campbellsburg Railroad Station (historical)Carrollton
Eagle StationCarrollton
English Railroad Station (historical)Carrollton
Marble Hill Nuclear Power StationCarrollton
Meeks Station (historical)Carrollton
Pendleton Railroad Station (historical)Carrollton
Turners Railroad Station (historical)Carrollton
Worthville Railroad Station (historical)Carrollton
Bowers Fire Control StationCarson City
Carson City Station (historical)Carson City
Carson Ranger StationCarson City
Clear Creek Station (historical)Carson City
Mill Station (historical)Carson City
Summit Station (historical)Carson City
Swifts Station (historical)Carson City
Webster Hotel StationCarson City
Port Reading StationCarteret
Bests Station (historical)Cartersville
Cass StationCartersville
Bull Creek StationCaryville
Medford StationCaryville
Rugby Road StationCaryville
Florence StationCasa Grande
Barlow Guard StationCascade Locks
Brooks Meadow Guard StationCascade Locks
Dee Flat Guard StationCascade Locks
Red Hill Guard StationCascade Locks
Robinhood Guard StationCascade Locks
Rock Creek Guard StationCascade Locks
Tilly Jane Guard StationCascade Locks
Upper Sandy Guard StationCascade Locks
Wahtum Lake Guard StationCascade Locks
White River Station Recreation SiteCascade Locks
Willow Creek Pumping Station Number 7Casper
Clatskanie StationCastle Rock
Coweeman Ranger StationCastle Rock
Downing Station (historical)Castle Rock
Indian Creek Guard StationCastle Rock
Inglis Station (historical)Castle Rock
Maple Springs Ranger Station (historical)Cave City
Mesa Lakes Ranger StationCedaredge
Ward Lake Ranger StationCedaredge
West Muddy Ranger StationCedaredge
Aragon StationCedartown
Esom Station (historical)Cedartown
Oremont StationCedartown
Rock Run StationCedartown
Bureau of Land Management Fire Guard StationCedarville
Warner Mountain Ranger StationCedarville
Oakland Station (historical)Celina
Philothea Station (historical)Celina
Reservoir Station (historical)Celina
Shafters Station (historical)Celina
Stony Brook StationCentereach
Stony Brook StationCentereach
Metro-North Harriman StationCentral Valley
Doe Run StationChadds Ford
Mendenhall StationChadds Ford
Newlin Station (historical)Chadds Ford
Pennsylvania State Police StationChadds Ford
Culbertson StationChambersburg
Fayetteville StationChambersburg
Lehmasters StationChambersburg
Chamblee StationChamblee
Doraville StationChamblee
Clay Courthouse StationCharleston
Eberbaugh Station (historical)Charleston
Fort Johnson Marine Biological StationCharleston
Johnson StationCharlottesville
Chatham United States Life Saving Station (historical)Chatham
Box Canyon Fire StationChatsworth
McCarty StationChattanooga
Mullens Cove Checking StationChattanooga
Chelan Ranger StationChelan
Chelan StationChelan
Entiat Ranger StationChelan
Foggy Dew Ranger StationChelan
Prince Creek Guard StationChelan
Squaw Creek Guard StationChelan
Starr StationChelan
Twentyfive Mile Creek Guard StationChelan
Ferry Avenue StationCherry Hill
Maple Avenue StationCherry Hill
Rosedale Avenue StationCherry Hill
Westmont StationCherry Hill
Wilsons StationCherry Hill
Southeastern Public Service Authority Chesapeake Transfer StationChesapeake
Almanor Ranger StationChester
Baldwin StationChester
Blacks Mountain Experimental StationChester
Bogard Ranger StationChester
Bucks Lake Guard StationChester
Chaparral Guard StationChester
Chester StationChester
Deer Creek StationChester
Eagle Lake Ranger StationChester
Eddystone StationChester
Fuller Ranger Station (historical)Chester
Greenville Ranger StationChester
Hat Creek Forest Service StationChester
Highland Avenue StationChester
Lamokin Street StationChester
Latour Fire StationChester
Lost Camp Ranger Station (historical)Chester
Lost Creek Maintenance StationChester
Mason StationChester
Mineral Ranger StationChester
Old Station CampgroundChester
Old Station Picnic AreaChester
Poison StationChester
Round Valley Ranger Station (historical)Chester
Sulphur Works Checking Station (historical)Chester
Tilghman Street StationChester
Yellowjacket Ranger Station (historical)Chester
Monarch StationChesterfield
High Plains Grasslands Research StationCheyenne
Brighton Park StationChicago
Calumet StationChicago
Chicago and Northwestern StationChicago
Chicago Avenue Pumping StationChicago
Colehour StationChicago
Dearborn StationChicago
Douglas StationChicago
Elmira StationChicago
Elsdon StationChicago
Grayland StationChicago
Hyde Park StationChicago
Kenwood StationChicago
LaSalle Street StationChicago
Leland Park StationChicago
Madison Park StationChicago
Maplewood StationChicago
Oakland StationChicago
Parkside StationChicago
Pennock StationChicago
South Chicago StationChicago
South Kenwood StationChicago
Stewart Ridge StationChicago
Union StationChicago
Upwood StationChicago
Woodlawn Park StationChicago
Cohasset Forest Fire StationChico
Forest Ranch Forest Fire StationChico
Mill Creek Cal-Transit StationChico
Brunco Railroad StationChiefland
Gapac StationChiefland
Ipco StationChiefland
Wacca StationChiefland
Chincoteague Pumping StationChincoteague Island
Ridgetop Railroad StationChipley
Anson StationChippewa Falls
Beagle Railroad Station (historical)Cincinnati
California Station (historical)Cincinnati
Dayton Railroad Station (historical)Cincinnati
Foster Railroad Station (historical)Cincinnati
Higginsport Railroad Station (historical)Cincinnati
Ivor Railroad Station (historical)Cincinnati
Kennedy StationCincinnati
Melburne Railroad Station (historical)Cincinnati
Mount Carmel Station (historical)Cincinnati
New Richmond StationCincinnati
Oneonta Railroad Station (historical)Cincinnati
Ross Railroad Station (historical)Cincinnati
Shandon StationCincinnati
South Ripley Railroad Station (historical)Cincinnati
Tenmile Station (historical)Cincinnati
Western Hills Pumping StationCincinnati
William H Zimmer Nuclear Power StationCincinnati
Wichita StationClackamas
Anderson StationClairton
Colvin Pumping StationClairton
Gibson Pumping StationClairton
Jones Station (historical)Clairton
Maple Station (historical)Clairton
Robbins Station (historical)Clairton
United States Bureau of Mines Experimental StationClairton
East Fork StationClaremont
Lower San Antonio StationClaremont
Mount Baldy Visitor Information StationClaremont
Prairie Fork Guard StationClaremont
Prairie Fork Guard Station (historical)Claremont
San Dimas StationClaremont
San Gabriel Guard Station (historical)Claremont
Alden StationClarence
East Lancaster Station (historical)Clarence
Marilla Station (historical)Clarence
Pembroke StationClarence
West Alden Station (historical)Clarence
Allen Station (historical)Clarion
Anita Station (historical)Clarion
Billings StationClarion
Bryners StationClarion
Colwell StationClarion
Crown Pumping StationClarion
Deltaven StationClarion
Donelly StationClarion
Fisher Mine StationClarion
Gilfoyle StationClarion
Gretchen StationClarion
Haskill StationClarion
Heath Pumping StationClarion
Heidrich Scales StationClarion
Heidrich StationClarion
Henley StationClarion
Jefferson StationClarion
Junction Bostonia Branch StationClarion
Knox Spur StationClarion
Leatherwood StationClarion
Mahoning StationClarion
Marienville District Ranger StationClarion
Oakland StationClarion
Paint Mills StationClarion
Red Bank StationClarion
Reedy StationClarion
Reno StationClarion
Rimersburg StationClarion
Shippenville StationClarion
Sugar Hill StationClarion
Sutton StationClarion
Tionesta StationClarion
Tylersburg StationClarion
Ung Overbeck Pumping StationClarion
Widnoon StationClarion
Ash Brook Station (historical)Clark
Goodmans Crossing Station (historical)Clark
Westfield StationClark
Gratton Station (historical)Clarksville
Sevier StationClarksville
Amesville Mine StationClearfield
Aurora Mine StationClearfield
B and W Junction StationClearfield
Bald Hill Station (historical)Clearfield
Belfast Number 2 Mine StationClearfield
Belford Number 3 Mine StationClearfield
Bells Landing Mine StationClearfield
Benjamin Number 10 Mine Station (historical)Clearfield
Benjamin Number 3 Mine StationClearfield
Benjamin Number 6 Mine StationClearfield
Benjamin Number 7 Mine StationClearfield
Bradford Refinery Mine Station (historical)Clearfield
Brown Number 5 Mine StationClearfield
CB Junction StationClearfield
Frenchville StationClearfield
Frenchville Station (historical)Clearfield
Hemlock StationClearfield
Hickory Number 1 Mine StationClearfield
Junction Bear Run Branch StationClearfield
La Jose StationClearfield
LaJose Junction StationClearfield
Luthersburg StationClearfield
Mahaffey Junction StationClearfield
Mahaffey Junction StationClearfield
Mapleton Junction StationClearfield
McGees StationClearfield
Mid Penn Mine StationClearfield
Millikens StationClearfield
Mount Carmel Number 2 Mine StationClearfield
Nugent Mine StationClearfield
Philipsburg Radio Range StationClearfield
Rathbun StationClearfield
Ridgeway Forest Service StationClearfield
River Hill Mine StationClearfield
Rockton StationClearfield
Rowles StationClearfield
Rushton StationClearfield
Shannon Smokeless Mine StationClearfield
Sherwood Station (historical)Clearfield
Sykes Station (historical)Clearfield
Van Mine StationClearfield
Wilburne StationClearfield
Kelsey-Cobb Fire StationClearlake
Pacific Point Guard Station (historical)Clearlake
Pacific Ridge Forest Service StationClearlake
Oconee StationClemson
Bush StationClermont
Howey StationClermont
Flats East Bank StationCleveland
Fullertown Station (historical)Cleveland
North Coat Harbor/East 9th Street StationCleveland
Ocoee Ranger StationCleveland
Settlers Landing StationCleveland
Sheeds Creek Checking StationCleveland
West 25th Street-Ohio City StationCleveland
West 3rd Street StationCleveland
Everglades Experiment StationClewiston
Knott Railroad StationClewiston
Okeelanta Station Railroad StationClewiston
Pelican Lake Railroad StationClewiston
South Florida Water District Pumping Station Number 3Clewiston
South Florida Water Management District Pumping Station 131Clewiston
South Florida Water Management District Pumping Station Number 2Clewiston
South Shore StationClewiston
Delawanna StationClifton
Franklin Avenue StationClifton
Lyndhurst StationClifton
Nutley StationClifton
Passaic StationClifton
Walnut Street StationClifton
Brown Loam Branch Experiment StationClinton
Browns StationClinton
Enoree StationClinton
Ludlow StationClinton
Stanton StationClinton
Tidewater Oil Pump StationClinton
Blasingame Fire Control StationClovis
Broadview Weather StationClovis
Cameron Weather StationClovis
Clovis Weather StationClovis
Elida Weather StationClovis
Floyd Weather StationClovis
Humphreys StationClovis
Hurley Fire Control StationClovis
Marshall StationClovis
Melrose Weather StationClovis
Millerton Lake Fire Control StationClovis
Mountain Rest Guard StationClovis
Mountain Rest StationClovis
Portales Weather StationClovis
Saint Vrain Weather StationClovis
Trimmer Ranger StationClovis
Hardees Railroad StationCocoa
Ives Railroad StationCocoa
Coconut Grove Metrorail StationCoconut Grove
Coconut Grove StationCoconut Grove
Coconut Grove Station Railroad StationCoconut Grove
Douglas Road StationCoconut Grove
Carter Mountain Weather StationCody
Ishawooa Guard StationCody
Line Creek Forest Service StationCody
South Fork Ranger StationCody
Sunlight Ranger StationCody
Timber Creek Ranger StationCody
Trotters StationCody
Sheridan Station (historical)Colby
Turkey Creek Station (historical)Colby
Batavia StationColdwater
Bronson StationColdwater
Burlington StationColdwater
Coldwater StationColdwater
Colon Station (historical)Coldwater
Fairfax Station (historical)Coldwater
Findley Station (historical)Coldwater
Quincy StationColdwater
Sherwood Station (historical)Coldwater
Union City Station (historical)Coldwater
Foresthill Ranger StationColfax
Old Sugar Pine Guard StationColfax
State Foresty Guard StationColfax
College Park-U of MD Metro StationCollege Park
Phoenixville StationCollegeville
Lake George Forest Service StationColorado Springs
Woodland Park Ranger StationColorado Springs
Clemson University Sandhill Experiment StationColumbia
Fountain Creek Station (historical)Columbia
Howe Station (historical)Columbia
Lugoff StationColumbia
Middle Tennessee Agricultural Experiment StationColumbia
New Hanover StationColumbia
Riversburg StationColumbia
Spring Hill StationColumbia
Turner StationColumbia
Wayne Station (historical)Columbia
Alton Station (historical)Columbus
Hansells StationColumbus
Juniper StationColumbus
Northport StationCommack
South Acton StationConcord
West Concord StationConcord
Ygnacio Relift StationConcord
Miquon StationConshohocken
Plummers StationConway
Rock StationCookeville
Abernathy Station (historical)Coos Bay
Ada StationCoos Bay
Amityville StationCopiague
Copiague StationCopiague
Gilgo Life Saving Station (historical)Copiague
Jones Beach Life Boat Station (historical)Copiague
Jones Beach Life Saving Station (historical)Copiague
Massapequa Park StationCopiague
Massapequa StationCopiague
University StationCoral Gables
Pumping Station Number 6Coral Springs
Pumping Station Number 7Coral Springs
South Florida Water District Pumping Station Number 6Coral Springs
Scott StationCoraopolis
Shannopin Station (historical)Coraopolis
West Economy Station (historical)Coraopolis
Bertha Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Britts Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Cannon Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Charlton Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Emanuel Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Fount Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Green Road Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Harbon Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Heidrick Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Keel Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Kettle Island Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Miracle Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Ostned Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Pickering Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Redbud Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Rella Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Rossland Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Trudel Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
Wessell Railroad Station (historical)Corbin
George Walton Experimental StationCordele
Chattooga Ranger StationCornelia
McGuire Nuclear StationCornelius
Corolla C G Station 166Corolla
Penny Hill C G Station 167Corolla
Poyner Hill C G StationCorolla
Shea Stadium StationCorona
Sierra Peak Guard Station (historical)Corona
Temescal StationCorona
Glade Guard StationCortez
Hovenweep Ranger StationCortez
Lehigh StationCortland
Alsea Guard StationCorvallis
Alsea Ranger Station (historical)Corvallis
Burnt Woods State Forest Service Station (historical)Corvallis
Oregon State University Agricultural Experiment StationCorvallis
Pirtle Station (historical)Corvallis
Wren Forest Service StationCorvallis
Wren Guard StationCorvallis
Weston StationCouncil Bluffs
Brent Railroad Station (historical)Covington
Coney Railroad Station (historical)Covington
DeCoursey Railroad Station (historical)Covington
Eagle Mountain Station (historical)Covington
Grant Railroad Station (historical)Covington
Lamb Railroad Station (historical)Covington
Locust Railroad Station (historical)Covington
Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment StationCovington
Pie Railroad Station (historical)Covington
Springlake Railroad Station (historical)Covington
Stevens Railroad Station (historical)Covington
Whitten Station (historical)Covington
Midway Pony Express StationCozad
Lost Creek Guard StationCraig
Cranford StationCranford
Dooley Station (historical)Crawfordsville
Clower Railroad Station (historical)Crawfordville
Newport StationCrawfordville
Bain StationCrescent City
Big Flat Forest Service StationCrescent City
Klamath StationCrescent City
Old Patrick Creek StationCrescent City
Old Patrick Creek Station (historical)Crescent City
Patrick Creek Guard StationCrescent City
Redwood Ranger StationCrescent City
Anthracite Creek Guard StationCrested Butte
Taylor Canyon Guard StationCrested Butte
Morgan Park StationCrestwood
Fall Creek Guard StationCreswell
Fall Creek StationCreswell
Lorane Guard StationCreswell
Musick Guard StationCreswell
Incline Guard StationCrystal Bay
Tunnel Creek StationCrystal Bay
Lebanon StationCrystal River
Orleans Road StationCumberland
Welch StationCumberland
Pleasant Valley Station (historical)Custer
Tepee Ranger StationCuster

* Please note, not all lists are complete.
USA list contains 'stations' not related to transportation.