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Union StationDallas
Cohutta Ranger StationDalton
Mont Lily Station (historical)Dalton
Wood StationDalton
Bayshore StationDaly City
Bayshore StationDaly City
Colma Bay Area Rapid Transit StationDaly City
Daly City Bay Area Rapid Transit StationDaly City
Bethel StationDanbury
Croton Falls StationDanbury
Pawling StationDanbury
Redding StationDanbury
Fort Lauderdale StationDania
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport StationDania
Bellepoint Station (historical)Daniels
Asylum Station (historical)Danvers
Beaver Brook Station (historical)Danvers
Danvers Port Station (historical)Danvers
Hamilton-Wenham StationDanvers
North Beverly StationDanvers
Tapleyville Station (historical)Danvers
Topsfield StationDanvers
Alum Springs Railroad Station (historical)Danville
Bar Mac Ramp StationDanville
Brumfield Railroad Station (historical)Danville
Burgin Railroad Station (historical)Danville
Cozatt Railroad Station (historical)Danville
Curry Railroad Station (historical)Danville
D and Z Ramp StationDanville
Downing Station (historical)Danville
Faulkner Railroad Station (historical)Danville
Gilberts Creek Railroad Station (historical)Danville
Haydens Railroad Station (historical)Danville
Hemp Railroad Station (historical)Danville
Jackson Railroad Station (historical)Danville
Kings Mountain Railroad Station (historical)Danville
Maywood Railroad Station (historical)Danville
Milledgeville Railroad Station (historical)Danville
Moreland Railroad Station (historical)Danville
Oak Hill Station (historical)Danville
Parksville Railroad Station (historical)Danville
Ranshaw Washery StationDanville
Shelby City Railroad Station (historical)Danville
South Danville StationDanville
South Fork Railroad Station (historical)Danville
Verchamp Railroad Station (historical)Danville
Weigh Scale Tipple StationDanville
Vertagreen Railroad StationDavenport
Centreville StationDayton
Johnson StationDayton
Miamisburg Station (historical)Dayton
Hardy Guard StationDeadwood
Little Spearfish Guard StationDeadwood
Nemo District Ranger StationDeadwood
North Rapid Stage Station (historical)Deadwood
Terry StationDeadwood
Dearborn Amtrak StationDearborn
Deland Amtrak StationDebary
Avondale StationDecatur
Decatur StationDecatur
East Lake StationDecatur
Indian Creek StationDecatur
Kensington StationDecatur
Turkey Foot Station Forest CampDecatur
Dedham Corporate Center StationDedham
Endicott StationDedham
Islington StationDedham
Readville StationDedham
Route 128 StationDedham
Spring Street Station (historical)Dedham
Deerlodge Ranger StationDeer Lodge
Dempsey Station (historical)Deer Lodge
Kading Ranger StationDeer Lodge
Deerfield Beach Amtrak StationDeerfield Beach
Pumping Station Number 2Delano
Vestal Sub StationDelano
Flower StationDelmar
Delray Beach Amtrak StationDelray Beach
25 Mesa Guard StationDelta
Cambray Weather StationDeming
Columbus Weather StationDeming
Cookes Spring Station (historical)Deming
Deming Weather StationDeming
Florida Pumping StationDeming
Florida Weather StationDeming
Gage Weather StationDeming
Hermanas Weather StationDeming
Oklahoma University Biological StationDenison
Union StationDenver
Rock Station (historical)Derby
Saylor StationDes Moines
Bagby Hot Springs Guard StationDetroit
Breiten Guard StationDetroit
Bricktown StationDetroit
Cadillac StationDetroit
Cobo Center StationDetroit
Flapper Springs Guard StationDetroit
Fort Cass StationDetroit
Gates Guard StationDetroit
Grand Circus StationDetroit
Greektown StationDetroit
Joe Louis Arena StationDetroit
Marion Forks Forest Service StationDetroit
Marion Lake Guard StationDetroit
Michigan StationDetroit
Millender Center StationDetroit
Olallie Butte Guard StationDetroit
Pearl Creek Guard StationDetroit
Quartzville Guard StationDetroit
Renaissance Center StationDetroit
Union StationDetroit
Yellowstone Guard StationDetroit
Ayer StationDevens
Shirley StationDevens
Abbot Village StationDexter
Bald Mountain StationDexter
Mainstream Station (historical)Dexter
Sebec StationDexter
Pine Grove Station (historical)Diamondhead
Huttons Station (historical)Dickson
Old Ball Station (historical)Dickson
Dickson StationDickson City
Providence StationDickson City
Hume Lake Ranger StationDinuba
Bear Canyon Ranger Station (historical)Dorris
Goosenest Ranger StationDorris
Little Shasta Ranger Station (historical)Dorris
Lodgepole Forest StationDorris
Long Bell Forest Service StationDorris
Penny Spring StationDorris
Shovel Creek Guard StationDorris
Auburn University Experimental StationDothan
Murphy StationDothan
CAA Range StationDouglas
Horseshoe Pony Express StationDouglas
LaPrele Ranger StationDouglas
Site of Old LaBonte Stage StationDouglas
Big Bar Ranger StationDouglas City
Buckhorn StationDouglas City
Crawford Creek Forest Service StationDouglas City
Deer Lick Guard StationDouglas City
Denny Forest Service StationDouglas City
Fawn Lodge Forest Service StationDouglas City
Grasshopper Ranger Station (historical)Douglas City
Harrison Gulch Ranger StationDouglas City
Hayden Flat Guard StationDouglas City
Indian Valley StationDouglas City
Junction City Guard StationDouglas City
Mule Creek Forest Service StationDouglas City
North Yolla Bolly Guard StationDouglas City
Petersburg StationDouglas City
Pine Root Forest Service StationDouglas City
Post Creek Guard StationDouglas City
Post Ranger Station (historical)Douglas City
Ragen Meadow Ranger Station (historical)Douglas City
Round Bottom Ranger Station (historical)Douglas City
Trinity Mountain Forest Service StationDouglas City
Virgin Creek Guard Station (historical)Douglas City
Weaverville Ranger District StationDouglas City
White Rock Guard StationDouglas City
Yolla Bolly District Ranger StationDouglas City
Berrien Center Station (historical)Dowagiac
Cassopolis StationDowagiac
Dailey Station (historical)Dowagiac
Dowagiac StationDowagiac
Fairland Station (historical)Dowagiac
Glenwood StationDowagiac
Lawrence StationDowagiac
Marcellus StationDowagiac
Penn StationDowagiac
Pokagon StationDowagiac
Vandalia Station (historical)Dowagiac
Wakelee StationDowagiac
Clearwater Station (historical)Downey
Bergers StationDrums
Crestwood StationDrums
Hicks Ferry StationDrums
Alexandria Railroad Station (historical)Dry Ridge
Boston Railroad Station (historical)Dry Ridge
Bracht Railroad Station (historical)Dry Ridge
Lynn Railroad Station (historical)Dry Ridge
Menzies Railroad Station (historical)Dry Ridge
Morning View Railroad Station (historical)Dry Ridge
Verona Railroad Station (historical)Dry Ridge
Double Cabin Forest Service StationDubois
East Fork Guard StationDubois
Horse Creek Ranger StationDubois
Kendall Guard StationDubois
Sheridan Creek Guard StationDubois
State Game and Fish Checking StationDubois
Waynes Creek Range Experiment StationDubois
Petersburg StationDubuque
Potosi StationDubuque
Adolph Station (historical)Duluth
Alborn StationDuluth
Brevator Station (historical)Duluth
Brimson Station (historical)Duluth
Brookston StationDuluth
Burnett StationDuluth
Clifton StationDuluth
Cloquet Forest Experiment StationDuluth
Cloquet Valley Ranger StationDuluth
Culver StationDuluth
French River StationDuluth
Lakewood StationDuluth
Munger StationDuluth
New Duluth Station (historical)Duluth
Oneota StationDuluth
Palmers StationDuluth
Payne Station (historical)Duluth
Proctor StationDuluth
Prosit Station (historical)Duluth
Radio StationDuluth
Saginaw StationDuluth
Shaw StationDuluth
Smithville StationDuluth
Sundby StationDuluth
Two Harbors Railroad StationDuluth
Union StationDuluth
Bivins Compressor StationDumas
Fain Compressor StationDumas
Fourway Booster StationDumas
Johnson Pumping StationDumas
Pantex Water System Kay StationDumas
Stewart StationDumas
Vent Pumping StationDumas
Zofness Booster StationDumas
Adrian StationDundee
Azalia StationDundee
Birdsall Station (historical)Dundee
Blissfield StationDundee
Britton StationDundee
Cadmus Station (historical)Dundee
Chase's StationDundee
Deerfield Station (historical)Dundee
Dundee StationDundee
Federman StationDundee
Holloway StationDundee
Ida Station (historical)Dundee
Lenawee Junction StationDundee
Lulu StationDundee
Maybee StationDundee
Ogden Station (historical)Dundee
Palmyra StationDundee
Petersburg Station (historical)Dundee
Raisinville StationDundee
Rea Station (historical)Dundee
Ridgeway Station (historical)Dundee
Riga StationDundee
Sand Creek StationDundee
Sulton Station (historical)Dundee
Tecumseh Station (historical)Dundee
Tipton Station (historical)Dundee
White Mills StationDunmore
Animas Ranger StationDurango
Bayfield Ranger StationDurango
Colorado State University San Juan Basin Branch Agricultural Experimental StationDurango
Vallecito Guard StationDurango

* Please note, not all lists are complete.
USA list contains 'stations' not related to transportation.