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Rich Valley Railroad Station (historical)Eagan
Elton StationEast Aurora
South Bronx Marine Transfer StationEast Elmhurst
East Greenbush StationEast Greenbush
Van Hoesen StationEast Greenbush
Amagansett Life Saving Station (historical)East Hampton
Georgica Life Saving Station (historical)East Hampton
Bath Station (historical)East Lansing
Carland StationEast Lansing
Elsie StationEast Lansing
Laingsburg StationEast Lansing
Morrice StationEast Lansing
Ovid Station (historical)East Lansing
Perry StationEast Lansing
Saint Johns Station (historical)East Lansing
Shaftsburg StationEast Lansing
Shephardsville Station (historical)East Lansing
East Orange StationEast Orange
Glen Ridge StationEast Orange
Llewellyn StationEast Orange
Orange StationEast Orange
Rowe Street StationEast Orange
West Orange StationEast Orange
Union StationEast Peoria
Blairstown StationEast Stroudsburg
Hainesburg StationEast Stroudsburg
East Wareham Station (historical)East Wareham
Marion Station (historical)East Wareham
Parker Mills Station (historical)East Wareham
South Middleborough Station (historical)East Wareham
South Wareham Station (historical)East Wareham
Tempest Knob Station (historical)East Wareham
Tremont Station (historical)East Wareham
Wareham Station (historical)East Wareham
Babcock Pumping StationEast Wenatchee
McCue StationEast Wenatchee
Allens StationEast Windsor
Warehouse Point StationEast Windsor
Nauset Beach United States Life Saving Station (historical)Eastham
Harmony StationEaston
Martins Creek StationEaston
Trappe StationEaston
Cascade StationEden
Tide Water Experimental StationEdenton
Tidewater Experiment StationEdenton
Bradshaw StationEdgewood
Clayton StationEdgewood
Clayton Station Business CenterEdgewood
Metuchen StationEdison
Derby Guard StationEdwards
Piney Guard StationEdwards
Robinson Creek Station (historical)Effingham
Bakersville StationEgg Harbor Township
Dolphin StationEgg Harbor Township
McKee City StationEgg Harbor Township
Mount Calvary StationEgg Harbor Township
Union StationEl Paso
Elizabeth StationElizabeth
Elizabethport StationElizabeth
Elmora StationElizabeth
Julian StationElizabeth
North Elizabeth StationElizabeth
South StationElizabeth
Union Rail StationElizabeth
Constantine StationElkhart
Corey's Station (historical)Elkhart
Fabius Station (historical)Elkhart
Florence Station (historical)Elkhart
Jones Station (historical)Elkhart
Copper Basin Guard StationElkhorn
Garfield Forest Service StationElkhorn
Pecks Station (historical)Elkhorn
Priest StationElkhorn
AEC-USC Seismographic StationElko
Beacheys StationElko
Elko Magnetic StationElko
Halleck StationElko
Harrison Pass Guard StationElko
KELP Radio StationElko
Reed StationElko
Ruby Valley Forest Service StationElko
Ruby Valley Maintenance StationElko
Shepherds Station (historical)Elko
Terraces Guard StationElko
Wears Station (historical)Elko
Barksdale Station (historical)Elkton
Cle Elum Ranger StationEllensburg
Fish Lake Guard StationEllensburg
Liberty Guard StationEllensburg
Naches Ranger StationEllensburg
Rattlesnake Guard StationEllensburg
Rattlesnake Ranger StationEllensburg
Salmon la Sac Forest Service StationEllensburg
Taneum Guard StationEllensburg
Tieton Ranger StationEllensburg
Wippe Pumping StationEllensburg
Gillette Station Railroad StationEllenton
Schooley Station Railroad StationEllenton
Vegetable Railroad StationEllenton
Garfield StationElmwood
Athenia Switching StationElmwood Park
Clifton StationElmwood Park
Vreeland Avenue StationElmwood Park
Emery Station (historical)Emeryville
Paraffin Station (historical)Emeryville
Potter Station (historical)Emeryville
San Pablo Avenue Station (historical)Emeryville
Shell Mound Station (historical)Emeryville
Stockyard Station (historical)Emeryville
Watts Station (historical)Emeryville
Hazardville Station (historical)Enfield
Englewood StationEnglewood
Old Ferry StationEnola
Daleville Station (historical)Enterprise
Belle Valley Station (historical)Erie
Crayton StationErie
East Springfield StationErie
McKean P O and StationErie
Union StationErie
Waterford StationErie
West Springfield StationErie
Crescent Springs Railroad Station (historical)Erlanger
Erlanger Railroad Station (historical)Erlanger
Greenwood Railroad Station (historical)Erlanger
Kenton Railroad Station (historical)Erlanger
Maurice Railroad Station (historical)Erlanger
Garbers Station (historical)Erwin
Unaka Ranger StationErwin
Alcalde Weather StationEspanola
Canjilon Weather StationEspanola
El Rito Weather StationEspanola
Embudo Gaging Station Historic SiteEspanola
Espanola Weather StationEspanola
Ojo Caliente Weather StationEspanola
Truchas Weather StationEspanola
Milmont StationEssington
Moore StationEssington
Prospect Park StationEssington
Repaupo StationEssington
Ridley Park StationEssington
Bighorn Ranger StationEstes Park
Buckhorn Ranger StationEstes Park
Hilltop Ranger StationEstes Park
La Poudre Pass Ranger StationEstes Park
Longs Peak Ranger StationEstes Park
Michigan River Ranger StationEstes Park
North Fork Ranger StationEstes Park
Wild Basin Ranger StationEstes Park
Nelson Guard StationEugene
Siuslaw Guard StationEugene
South Fork Guard StationEugene
Vaughn StationEugene
Walton Guard StationEugene
Brier Hill StationEvans Mills
Natural Bridge StationEvans Mills
Bear River Ranger StationEvanston
East Fork Blacks Fork Guard StationEvanston
Evanston Pumping StationEvanston
Hewinta Guard StationEvanston
Mill Creek Guard StationEvanston
Randolph Ranger StationEvanston
Utah and Wyoming Port of Entry StationsEvanston
Whitney Guard StationEvanston
Camp Breckinridge Pumping StationEvansville
Panther Creek Chlorination StationEverett
Lostmans River Ranger StationEverglades City
Matmon Railroad Station (historical)Everglades City
Monroe StationEverglades City
Paolita StationEverglades City
Brewton Agricultural Experiment StationEvergreen
Littlefield Railroad StationExeter
Belle Haven StationExmore
Virginia Truck Experimental StationExmore
Lionville StationExton
Modena StationExton
Ship Road StationExton
Valley StationExton
Whitford StationExton

* Please note, not all lists are complete.
USA list contains 'stations' not related to transportation.