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Alamo Alto Gaging StationFabens
Alamo Springs Stage Station Historic SiteFabens
Ester StationFairbanks
Fairfield StationFairfax
Missisquoi StationFairfax
Vienna/Fairfax-GMU Metro StationFairfax
Fairfield Railroad StationFairfield
Fairfield StationFairfield
Fairsmith StationFairfield
Southport StationFairfield
Vallejo Water Pumping StationFairfield
Auburn University State Agricultural Experiment StationFairhope
Gulf Coast Experiment StationFairhope
Coffman Station (historical)Fairmont
Assonet Station (historical)Fall River
Crystal Spring Station (historical)Fall River
Somerset Pumping StationFall River
De Luz Station (historical)Fallbrook
Gird Pumping StationFallbrook
Pala Guard Station (historical)Fallbrook
Red Mountain Fire StationFallbrook
Antietam StationFalling Waters
Clear Spring Station (historical)Falling Waters
Four Locks Ranger StationFalling Waters
Parkhead Station (historical)Falling Waters
Pinesburg StationFalling Waters
West Falls Church-VT/UVA Metro StationFalls Church
Ada StationFargo
Hadler Station (historical)Fargo
C G W StationFaribault
Bethpage StationFarmingdale
Pinelawn StationFarmingdale
Seaford StationFarmingdale
Angel Peak Compression StationFarmington
Aztec Weather StationFarmington
Ballard Pumping StationFarmington
Bloomfield Weather StationFarmington
Compressor Station Historic SiteFarmington
Fredericktown District Ranger StationFarmington
Fruitland Weather StationFarmington
New Mexico State University Agricultural Experimental StationFarmington
Potoss Ranger StationFarmington
Shiprock Weather StationFarmington
Forrest Hills StationFeasterville Trevose
Holland StationFeasterville Trevose
Holland StationFeasterville Trevose
Neshaminy Falls StationFeasterville Trevose
Roxton StationFeasterville Trevose
Somerton StationFeasterville Trevose
Trevose StationFeasterville Trevose
Bancroft StationFenton
Renault StationFestus
Indian Springs Guard StationFillmore
Benton Ridge Station (historical)Findlay
Norris Station (historical)Findlay
Colts StationFindley Lake
Panama StationFindley Lake
Buck Camp Ranger StationFish Camp
Minarets Forest Service StationFish Camp
Usona Fire StationFish Camp
Westfall StationFish Camp
Elden Ranger StationFlagstaff
Flagstaff Compressor StationFlagstaff
Fort Valley Experimental Forest StationFlagstaff
Knob Hill Ranger StationFlagstaff
Kingwood StationFlemington
Corunna StationFlint
Durand StationFlint
Henderson StationFlint
Lennon StationFlint
Vernon StationFlint
Floral Park StationFloral Park
Merillon Avenue StationFloral Park
Nassau Boulevard StationFloral Park
New Hyde Park StationFloral Park
Stewart Manor StationFloral Park
Bank Lick Railroad Station (historical)Florence
Big Cut StationFlorence
Bryants Ford Railroad Station (historical)Florence
Buffington Railroad Station (historical)Florence
Claussen StationFlorence
Dixon Railroad Station (historical)Florence
Gaines Railroad Station (historical)Florence
Independence Station (historical)Florence
New Canton Railroad Station (historical)Florence
Oaklawn Railroad Station (historical)Florence
Peedee Agricultural Experiment StationFlorence
Richwood Railroad Station (historical)Florence
Robbins Neck Station (historical)Florence
Ryland Railroad Station (historical)Florence
Sunnypoint Railroad Station (historical)Florence
Visalia Railroad Station (historical)Florence
White Villa Railroad Station (historical)Florence
Winston Railroad Station (historical)Florence
Woodside Station (historical)Florence
Convent StationFlorham
Madison StationFlorham
Royal Palm Ranger StationFlorida City
Broadway StationFlushing
Murray Hill StationFlushing
Waits StationFolsom
Chicago and North Western StationFond Du Lac
North Centre Street Station Beaver Dam Water WorksFond Du Lac
Woodhull StationFond Du Lac
Silverado StationFoothill Ranch
Buxton Station (historical)Forest Grove
Pittsburg Guard StationForest Grove
Rockport Fire StationFort Bragg
Overland Stage StationFort Collins
Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Fire StationFort Lauderdale
Johns Siding Railroad StationFort Lauderdale
Prospect Road Railroad StationFort Lauderdale
North Hackensack StationFort Lee
Cortlandt StationFort Montgomery
Peekskill StationFort Montgomery
Newlin StationFort Myers
Grey Ranch Pumping StationFort Stockton
Oates Pumping StationFort Stockton
Ambler StationFort Washington
Fellwick StationFort Washington
Fort Washington StationFort Washington
North Hills StationFort Washington
Gulf, Colorado and Sante Fe Railroad Passenger StationFort Worth
Keller Pumping StationFort Worth
Strongs StationFortuna
Upper Bull Creek Ranger StationFortuna
Mansfield StationFoxborough
Norfolk StationFoxborough
Ashland StationFramingham
Framingham StationFramingham
Southborough StationFramingham
Arnolds Station (historical)Frankfort
Avenstoke Railroad Station (historical)Frankfort
Bagdad Railroad Station (historical)Frankfort
Benson Flag Station (historical)Frankfort
Big Spring Railroad Station (historical)Frankfort
Cliffside Railroad Station (historical)Frankfort
Consolation Railroad Station (historical)Frankfort
Duckers Railroad Station (historical)Frankfort
Elsinore Railroad Station (historical)Frankfort
Glenns Creek Railroad Station (historical)Frankfort
Gores Station (historical)Frankfort
Haydons Station (historical)Frankfort
Hemp Ridge Railroad Station (historical)Frankfort
Jett Railroad Station (historical)Frankfort
John Major Station (historical)Frankfort
Jones Railroad Station (historical)Frankfort
Kennebec Railroad Station (historical)Frankfort
Kissinger Railroad Station (historical)Frankfort
Millville Railroad Station (historical)Frankfort
North Benson Railroad Station (historical)Frankfort
Spring StationFrankfort
Taylorton Railroad Station (historical)Frankfort
Trumbo Railroad Station (historical)Frankfort
Tylers Pioneer Station (historical)Frankfort
Coweeta Experiment StationFranklin
Forge Park-495 StationFranklin
Franklin-Dean College StationFranklin
Medway Station (historical)Franklin
Southeastern Public Service Authority Boykins Transfer StationFranklin
Southeastern Public Service Authority Franklin Transfer StationFranklin
Southeastern Public Service Authority Ivor Transfer StationFranklin
Wilson Lick Ranger StationFranklin
Exton StationFrazer
Charlesville StationFrederick
Creagerstown StationFrederick
Edgemont Station (historical)Frederick
Fulmers Station (historical)Frederick
Indian Springs Station (historical)Frederick
Lake View StationFrederick
Locust Grove StationFrederick
Montevue Station (historical)Frederick
Mountaindale StationFrederick
Red Hill StationFrederick
Rocky Springs StationFrederick
Summers Station (historical)Frederick
Tuscarora StationFrederick
White Rock Rearing Station (historical)Frederick
Wilson Avenue Station (historical)Frederick
Eckert Pumping StationFredericksburg
Sealston Station (historical)Fredericksburg
Bellmore StationFreeport
Brooklyn Pumping StationFreeport
Forreston StationFreeport
Freeport StationFreeport
Merrick StationFreeport
Milburn Pumping Station (historical)Freeport
Wantagh StationFreeport
Zachs Inlet Life Saving Station (historical)Freeport
Burr Oak StationFremont
Irvington Pumping StationFremont
Montgomery StationFremont
River Sioux StationFremont
Rolinda Station (historical)Fresno
Towne Oil Station (historical)Fresno
United States Experimental StationFresno
Frostburg Pumping StationFrostburg
Roddys StationFrostburg
West Romney Station (historical)Frostburg
Westwater River Ranger Station and Put In SiteFruita
Arden StationFruitland
Cedar Creek District Ranger StationFulton
New Haven StationFulton
Red Bay Pumping StationFulton
Sterling StationFulton
United States Coast Guard Oswego Life Boat StationFulton
Blount Springs StationFultondale
Divide StationFultondale
Greens StationFultondale

* Please note, not all lists are complete.
USA list contains 'stations' not related to transportation.