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Bridgeville StationHackettstown
Buena Vista Spring Station (historical)Hagerstown
Foxville Ranger StationHagerstown
Roxbury StationHagerstown
Williamsport StationHagerstown
Williamsport StationHagerstown
Prine Railroad StationHaines City
Ashley Station (historical)Haleiwa
Paumalu Station (historical)Haleiwa
Pescadero High Power Homing StationHalf Moon Bay
Idlewood Station (historical)Hamburg
Mount Carmel StationHamden
Northford Station (historical)Hamden
Davis StationHamilton
Sheley Station (historical)Hamilton
Woods StationHamilton
Louisiana State University Hammond Experimental StationHammond
Hampton StationHammonton
Hampton Bays StationHampton Bays
Quogue Life Saving Station (historical)Hampton Bays
Quogue StationHampton Bays
Tiana Life Saving Station (historical)Hampton Bays
Church StationHanover
Lower Plain Piermont StationHanover
Porters StationHanover
Sells StationHanover
Hapeville StationHapeville
Purysburgh StationHardeeville
Tarboro Station (historical)Hardeeville
Harlingen Pumping StationHarlingen
San Benito Pumping StationHarlingen
Pennsylvania State Police StationHarrisburg
White Hill StationHarrisburg
Broad Street StationHarrison
New Market StationHarrisonburg
Simmons Gap Ranger StationHarrisonburg
Hartford Union StationHartford
Scarsdale Pumping StationHarvey
Haskell StationHaskell
Pompton StationHaskell
Wanaque-Midvale StationHaskell
Podunk Guard StationHatch
Monroe Station (historical)Hattiesburg
Brentwood StationHauppauge
Haverhill StationHaverhill
Conowingo StationHavre de Grace
Oakington StationHavre de Grace
Pilot StationHavre de Grace
Principio StationHavre de Grace
Quarry StationHavre de Grace
Hog Back Station (historical)Hays
Haywards StationHayward
Meek Station (historical)Hayward
Mount Eden StationHayward
Sorenson Station (historical)Hayward
Cliffwood StationHazlet
Freneau Station (historical)Hazlet
Matawan StationHazlet
Ashmore StationHazleton
Buckley Colliery StationHazleton
Conyngham StationHazleton
Eckley StationHazleton
Harwood Junction StationHazleton
Hauto StationHazleton
Hazle Brook StationHazleton
Hazle Creek Junction StationHazleton
Hazleton Shaft Breaker StationHazleton
Jeddo 7 Breaker StationHazleton
Lion Fine Coal Plant StationHazleton
Longacre Siding StationHazleton
Mahanoy Tunnel StationHazleton
Eagle Gap Ranger StationHeavener
Mena Ranger StationHeavener
Menna Visitor Information StationHeavener
Poteau Ranger StationHeavener
Talihina Visitor Information StationHeavener
Currant Creek Guard StationHeber City
Hub Guard StationHeber City
Keetley StationHeber City
Ledgefork Guard StationHeber City
Mill Hollow Guard StationHeber City
Mirror Lake Guard StationHeber City
Soapstone Guard StationHeber City
Boswell Station (historical)Hebron
Cardigan StationHebron
Fort Hill StationHebron
Griffith Station (historical)Hebron
John Tanners Station (historical)Hebron
Saint Joseph StationHebron
Swainboro Station (historical)Hebron
Trautman StationHebron
Checkerboard Ranger StationHelena
Eagle Creek Ranger StationHelena
Helena Ranger StationHelena
McClellan Ranger StationHelena
Meriwether Guard StationHelena
Tizer Ranger StationHelena
Wolf Creek Gaging StationHelena
Bautista Guard StationHemet
Cranston Forest Service StationHemet
Robert M Matts Soil Conservation Checking StationHemet
Clark Mountain StationHenderson
Jean StationHenderson
Oxford Tobacco Research StationHenderson
Smyth StationHendersonville
Henrietta StationHenrietta
Donelsons Station (historical)Hermitage
Big Pine StationHesperia
Big Pines Guard Station (historical)Hesperia
Mormon Rocks Forest Service StationHesperia
Hicksville StationHicksville
City Creek StationHighland
Del Rosa Ranger Station (historical)Highland
Louviers StationHighlands Ranch
Reder Ranger StationHill City
Plainview Station (historical)Hillsboro
Belle Mead StationHillsborough
Roycefield StationHillsborough
Kanakaleonui Ranger StationHilo
Keanakolu Ranger StationHilo
University of Hawai'i Agricultural Experiment StationHilo
Rathburn StationHixson
Hobbs Weather StationHobbs
Lovington Weather StationHobbs
Prairieview Weather StationHobbs
Southwestern Public Services Cunningham StationHobbs
Tatum Weather StationHobbs
Chevelon-Heber Ranger StationHolbrook
Agnew StationHolland
Bimo Station (historical)Holland
Fennville StationHolland
Fillmore StationHolland
Hamilton StationHolland
Holland StationHolland
Jasper Station (historical)Holland
Mulberry StationHolland
New Richmond StationHolland
Ottawa Lake Station (historical)Holland
Pearl StationHolland
Pullman StationHolland
Seneca StationHolland
West Olive StationHolland
Weston Station (historical)Holland
Hollywood Amtrak StationHollywood
Holtsville StationHoltsville
Kaimuki Pumping StationHonolulu
Saint Louis Heights Pumping Station Number 1Honolulu
Saint Louis Heights Pumping Station Number 2Honolulu
Auburn Railroad StationHooksett
Candia StationHooksett
East Candia Railroad StationHooksett
Dobson StationHope
Powell Station (historical)Hope Hull
McNatts StationHope Mills
Flint Ridge Ranger StationHorse Cave
Cowley StationHorseheads
Elmira Water Board Pumping Station and Filtration PlantHorseheads
Park StationHorseheads
Reading Center StationHorseheads
Watkins Glen StationHorseheads
Caddo Ranger Station and Work CenterHot Springs
Chilson StationHot Springs
Cove Creek Station (historical)Hot Springs
Marlinton District Ranger StationHot Springs
Red Canyon Station (historical)Hot Springs
Whitaker StationHot Springs
United States Sugar Cane Experimental StationHouma
Cypress StationHouston
Schauer Filling StationHouston
Emerald StationHudson
Bay Side Station (historical)Hull
Egypt Station (historical)Hull
Hingham Station (historical)Hull
Hull Station (historical)Hull
Irvington Station (historical)Hull
Kenberma Station (historical)Hull
Nantasket Station (historical)Hull
North Cohasset Station (historical)Hull
North Scituate Station (historical)Hull
Pemberton Station (historical)Hull
Point Allerton Station (historical)Hull
Stony Beach Station (historical)Hull
Strawberry Hill Station (historical)Hull
Surfside Station (historical)Hull
West Hingham Station (historical)Hull
Madonna Ranger StationHunt Valley
Sparks StationHunt Valley
Cold Spring Harbor StationHuntington
Greenlawn StationHuntington
Browse Area Guard StationHurricane
Eve Station (historical)Hurricane Mills
Johnsonville StationHurricane Mills
Cheverly Metro StationHyattsville
Landover Metro StationHyattsville
Prince George's Plaza Metro StationHyattsville
Walden StationHyde Park

* Please note, not all lists are complete.
USA list contains 'stations' not related to transportation.