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Brecksville StationMacedonia
Carp Lake Station (historical)Mackinaw City
Cheboyan Station (historical)Mackinaw City
Freedom Station (historical)Mackinaw City
Levering Station (historical)Mackinaw City
Mackinaw City Station (historical)Mackinaw City
Pellston Station (historical)Mackinaw City
Van Station (historical)Mackinaw City
Leaman Station (historical)Macomb
Phillips Station (historical)Macomb
Bates StationMadera
Chaney Pumping StationMadera
Central Georgia Experiment StationMadison
Kingman Station (historical)Madison
Madison Amtrak StationMadison
Mendota Beach Station (historical)Madison
Coiltown StationMadisonville
Bell Rock Station (historical)Malden
Broadway Station (historical)Malden
Faulkner Station (historical)Malden
Malden Center StationMalden
Malden Station (historical)Malden
Melrose-Cedar Park StationMalden
Wyoming Hill StationMalden
Stillwater Center Station (historical)Malta
Cedar Hollow StationMalvern
Clover Meadow Ranger StationMammoth Lakes
Clover Meadow Ranger StationMammoth Lakes
D and F Pack StationMammoth Lakes
Fish and Game Experimental StationMammoth Lakes
Hector StationMammoth Lakes
Heitz Meadow Forest Service StationMammoth Lakes
High Sierra Edison Pack StationMammoth Lakes
High Sierra Ranger StationMammoth Lakes
Kaiser Diggings Forest Service StationMammoth Lakes
Lee Vining Ranger StationMammoth Lakes
Lost Valley Pack StationMammoth Lakes
Mammoth Ranger StationMammoth Lakes
Minarets Pack StationMammoth Lakes
Pumice Flat Forest Service StationMammoth Lakes
Reds Meadow Ranger StationMammoth Lakes
Rock Creek StationMammoth Lakes
South Lake Crowley Pack StationMammoth Lakes
Battenkill Railroad StationManchester
Grasmere Station (historical)Manchester
Sunderland StationManchester
Aspen Guard StationMancos
Cottonwood Guard StationMancos
Morefield Ranger StationMancos
Stoner Guard StationMancos
Willow Spring Guard StationMancos
Astor Place Subway StationManhattan
Chelsea/Grammercy/Flatiron DistrictManhattan
Fulton Street Subway StationManhattan
Long Island City StationManhattan
Mott Haven StationManhattan
Penn Station SouthManhattan
Wall Street Subway StationManhattan
El Segundo StationManhattan Beach
Manhattan Beach Station (historical)Manhattan Beach
Alderson Station (historical)Manistee
Amber StationManistee
Arcadia Station (historical)Manistee
Baldwin StationManistee
Batchelor Station (historical)Manistee
Biteley Station (historical)Manistee
Branch StationManistee
Brethren Station (historical)Manistee
Buttersville Station (historical)Manistee
Butwell Station (historical)Manistee
Canfields Station (historical)Manistee
Chief Lake Station (historical)Manistee
Copemish Station (historical)Manistee
Custer StationManistee
Dublin Station (historical)Manistee
Eastlake StationManistee
Elberta Station (historical)Manistee
Fern Station (historical)Manistee
Filer City Station (historical)Manistee
Forman Station (historical)Manistee
Fountain StationManistee
Frankfort Station (historical)Manistee
Freesoil StationManistee
Glover's Lake Station (historical)Manistee
Henry Station (historical)Manistee
Humphrey Station (historical)Manistee
Idlewild Station (historical)Manistee
Irons Station (historical)Manistee
Jewell Station (historical)Manistee
Kaleva Station (historical)Manistee
Lemon Lake Station (historical)Manistee
Lilley StationManistee
Ludington StationManistee
Malcolm Station (historical)Manistee
Manistee National Forest District Ranger StationManistee
Manistee StationManistee
Marlborough StationManistee
Millerton Station (historical)Manistee
Newland Station (historical)Manistee
Parkdale StationManistee
Pentwater Station (historical)Manistee
Riverton Station (historical)Manistee
Scottville StationManistee
Stronach StationManistee
Tallman Station (historical)Manistee
Tanner Station (historical)Manistee
United States Coast Guard Station FrankfortManistee
Vacation Station RV ParkManistee
Walhalla StationManistee
Weldon Creek StationManistee
Wellston Station (historical)Manistee
Wiley Station (historical)Manistee
Wingleton StationManistee
New Zion StationManning
Pumping Station Number OneManteca
Trico Compressor StationMarana
Tucson Compressor StationMarana
Alliance StationMarianna
Boykin Railroad StationMarianna
Woodruff Railroad StationMarianna
Lowell Station (historical)Marietta
Hennekens Ranger StationMarina
Department of Water and Power Sub-Station Number 44Marina Del Rey
Bear Valley Sub-StationMariposa
Cathay Fire Control StationMariposa
Mariposa Guard StationMariposa
Mariposa Ranger StationMariposa
White Rock Fire Control StationMariposa
Alfred Station (historical)Marquette
Arnold Station (historical)Marquette
Big Bay Station (historical)Marquette
Birch Station (historical)Marquette
Carlshend Station (historical)Marquette
Chatham Station (historical)Marquette
Clarksburg Station (historical)Marquette
Clowry StationMarquette
Deerton Station (historical)Marquette
Diorite StationMarquette
Dorsey Station (historical)Marquette
Dukes Station (historical)Marquette
Eagle Mills StationMarquette
Eben Junction Station (historical)Marquette
Greenwood StationMarquette
Gwinn Station (historical)Marquette
Harvey Station (historical)Marquette
Hogstrom Station (historical)Marquette
Humboldt Station (historical)Marquette
Ishpeming StationMarquette
Lathrop StationMarquette
Little Lake StationMarquette
Mangum Station (historical)Marquette
Marquette StationMarquette
McFarland StationMarquette
Michigan State University UP Research StationMarquette
Morgan Station (historical)Marquette
Negaunee StationMarquette
New Dalton Station (historical)Marquette
Northland Station (historical)Marquette
Onota Station (historical)Marquette
Osier Station (historical)Marquette
Palmer StationMarquette
Presque Isle Station Upper Peninsula Generating CompanyMarquette
Ralph Station (historical)Marquette
Rock River Station (historical)Marquette
Rock StationMarquette
Rumely Station (historical)Marquette
Sand River Station (historical)Marquette
Sands StationMarquette
Stack Station (historical)Marquette
Swanzy StationMarquette
Trenary Station (historical)Marquette
Tyoga Station (historical)Marquette
Yalmar StationMarquette
Watts StationMartin
Muir Station Shopping ComplexMartinez
Sixmile StationMarysville
Sunset Pumping StationMarysville
Floyd StationMason City
Kidron StationMassillon
Navarre Station (historical)Massillon
Richville Station (historical)Massillon
Graham Station (historical)Matamoras
Mongaup Station (historical)Matamoras
Matteson Metrorail StationMatteson
Richton Park Metrorail StationMatteson
Barren Springs StationMax Meadows
McAllen Pumping StationMcAllen
Pharr San Juan Pumping StationMcAllen
Arling StationMcCall
Burgdorf Guard StationMcCall
Cabarton StationMcCall
Cascade Ranger StationMcCall
Corral Creek Guard StationMcCall
Council Ranger StationMcCall
Hard Creek Guard StationMcCall
Hoover StationMcCall
Indian Mountain Lookout StationMcCall
Krassel Ranger StationMcCall
Lake Fork Forest Service StationMcCall
Microwave Siphon StationMcCall
Mill Creek Ranger StationMcCall
Paddy Flat Forest Service StationMcCall
Price Valley Guard StationMcCall
Seven Devils Guard StationMcCall
South Fork Guard StationMcCall
Stolle Guard StationMcCall
Upper Deadwood Guard Station (historical)McCall
Bluff Creek Guard Station (historical)McKinleyville
Turner-Fairbank Highway Research StationMcLean
Buchanan StationMeadville
Espyville StationMeadville
Grays Mills StationMeadville
Harmonsburg StationMeadville
Shadeland StationMeadville
Springboro StationMeadville
Tryonville StationMeadville
Agate Station (historical)Medford
Butte Falls State Forest StationMedford
Derby StationMedford
Divide Guard StationMedford
Happy Camp Ranger StationMedford
Hawk Creek StationMedford
Lodgepole Guard StationMedford
Matthews Guard StationMedford
McLeod Forest Service StationMedford
McLeod Guard StationMedford
Patchogue StationMedford
Prospect Guard StationMedford
Sturgis Guard StationMedford
Table Rock Station (historical)Medford
Table Rock Station (historical)Medford
Beatty Road StationMedia
Bowling Green StationMedia
Elwyn StationMedia
Glenriddle StationMedia
Lenni StationMedia
Media StationMedia
Monroe Street StationMedia
Wawa StationMedia
Williamson School StationMedia
Huntington Station (historical)Medina
Williams Railroad StationMelbourne
Hickory Withe StationMemphis
Lichterman Pumping StationMemphis
Patricia Shaw Pumping Station Water Treatment PlantMemphis
Whitehaven Station (historical)Memphis
Point Cabrillo Light StationMendocino
Woodlands StationMendocino
Arnold Station (historical)Menominee
Bagley Station (historical)Menominee
Banat Station (historical)Menominee
Carney StationMenominee
Dagget Station (historical)Menominee
Gardner Station (historical)Menominee
Ingalls StationMenominee
Kells Station (historical)Menominee
Koss Station (historical)Menominee
Longrie Station (historical)Menominee
Menominee StationMenominee
Nadeau StationMenominee
Nathan Station (historical)Menominee
State Agricultural Experimental StationMenominee
Stephenson StationMenominee
Swanson Station (historical)Menominee
Talbot StationMenominee
Wallace StationMenominee
Adams Gardens Pumping StationMercedes
La Feria Pumping StationMercedes
Santa Maria Pumping StationMercedes
Amasa StationMercer
Jackson Center StationMercer
Oakland StationMercer
Oakland Station (historical)Mercer
Victory StationMercer
Meredith Fire StationMeredith
Bell Station (historical)Meridian
Cromwell StationMeridian
Curl StationMeridian
Mississippi State Experimental StationMeridian
Riderwood Station (historical)Meridian
Allapattah StationMiami
Allapattah Station Rail SouthboundMiami
Arena-State Plaza StationMiami
Bayfront Park StationMiami
Bicentenial Park StationMiami
Brickell StationMiami
Casa Grande Turbine StationMiami
Civic Center StationMiami
College North StationMiami
College-Bayside StationMiami
Commerce Park Railroad StationMiami
Commerce Spur Junction Railroad StationMiami
Culmer StationMiami
Culmer Station Rail North BoundMiami
Dadeland North StationMiami
Dadeland South StationMiami
Earlington Heights StationMiami
Eighth Street StationMiami
Eleventh Street StationMiami
Fifth Street StationMiami
Financial District StationMiami
First Street StationMiami
Golden Glades StationMiami
Government Center StationMiami
Hewitt StationMiami
Hialeah Market StationMiami
Keys Railroad StationMiami
Knight Center StationMiami
Lehigh Railroad StationMiami
Miami Airport StationMiami
Miami Avenue StationMiami
Miami Park Railroad StationMiami
Miami Plantation Railroad StationMiami
Northside StationMiami
Omni StationMiami
Oolite Railroad StationMiami
Opa-Locka StationMiami
Overtown Arena StationMiami
Park West StationMiami
Queens StationMiami
Riverwalk StationMiami
Santa Clara StationMiami
School Board StationMiami
Sterling Railroad StationMiami
Tenth Street-Promenade StationMiami
Third Street StationMiami
Tropical Park Railroad StationMiami
Vizcaya Metrorail StationMiami
Vizcaya StationMiami
Vizcaya Station Rail SouthboundMiami
Brownsville StationMiami Springs
Doctor Martin Luther King Junior StationMiami Springs
Hialeah Metrorail StationMiami Springs
Hialeah StationMiami Springs
Miami Amtrak Station/Central StationMiami Springs
Okeechobee Metrorail StationMiami Springs
Okeechobee StationMiami Springs
Tri-Rail-Metrorail Transfer StationMiami Springs
East Middleborough Station (historical)Middleboro
Middleborough Station (historical)Middleboro
Middleborough-Lakeville StationMiddleboro
North Lakeville Station (historical)Middleboro
Rock Station (historical)Middleboro
Titicut Station (historical)Middleboro
Turnpike Station (historical)Middleboro
Berea StationMiddleburg Heights
Amanda StationMiddletown
Erie Railroad StationMiddletown
Metro-North Campbell Hall StationMiddletown
Alger StationMidland
Averill Station (historical)Midland
Beaverton Station (historical)Midland
Deep River Station (historical)Midland
Florey Pumping StationMidland
Gladwin Station (historical)Midland
Glover Station (historical)Midland
Golden Station (historical)Midland
Greenwood StationMidland
Hemlock StationMidland
Highwood Station (historical)Midland
Merrill StationMidland
Midland Pumping StationMidland
Midland StationMidland
Mountforest Station (historical)Midland
North Bradley Station (historical)Midland
Rhodes Station (historical)Midland
Rowena Station (historical)Midland
Sanford Station (historical)Midland
Smith's Crossing StationMidland
Sterling StationMidland
Winegars Station (historical)Midland
Altschul Railroad StationMidway
Magnet Cove Railroad StationMidway
Clinton Station (historical)Milan
Cone Station (historical)Milan
Caryville Station (historical)Milford
Milford Station (historical)Milford
West Medway Station (historical)Milford
Beech Creek StationMill Hall
Pan Toll Ranger StationMill Valley
San Francisco Airport stationMillbrae
San Francisco Airport stationMillbrae
Asylum Station (historical)Milledgeville
Carrs StationMilledgeville
Cedar Creek Check StationMilledgeville
Dividing Creek StationMillville
Mauricetown StationMillville
Whitehead StationMillville
Concordia Sub-StationMilwaukee
Lakeside Power StationMilwaukee
Riverside Pumping Station Milwaukee Water WorksMilwaukee
Texas Avenue Pumping StationMilwaukee
Gladstone StationMilwaukie
Carters StationMinden
Desert Station (historical)Minden
Hollidays StationMinden
Little Antelope Pack StationMinden
Soda Springs StationMinden
Topaz Guard StationMinden
Kanawha StationMineral Wells
Newark Station (historical)Mineral Wells
Portland StationMineral Wells
Silver Run StationMineral Wells
Burlington Northern StationMinneapolis
Dunham Station (historical)Minocqua
Gogebic StationMinocqua
Gogebic Station (historical)Minocqua
Lac du Flambeau StationMinocqua
Marenisco Station (historical)Minocqua
Silvania Entrance StationMinocqua
San Juan StationMission Viejo
Trabuco Guard StationMission Viejo
Betters Station (historical)Missoula
Bonita Forest Service StationMissoula
Dunham Stage Station (historical)Missoula
Ekstroms Stage StationMissoula
Gold Creek Guard StationMissoula
Ninemile Ranger StationMissoula
Rock Creek Forest Service StationMissoula
Seeley Lake Ranger StationMissoula
Stevensvillers Ranger StationMissoula
Buckeye Ranger StationMoab
La Sal Guard StationMoab
Mesa Guard StationMoab
Neck Ranger StationMoab
Warner Ranger StationMoab
Auburn University Experiment StationMobile
Lloyds Station Industrial ParkMobile
Union StationMobile
Pine Tree Aqueduct Station (historical)Mojave
FAA Weather StationMoline
Station Number 10Moline
College StationMonaca
Josephtown StationMonaca
Kobuta StationMonaca
Merrill StationMonaca
Morado StationMonaca
Lincoln Fields StationMonee
University Park Metrorail StationMonee
Beedles StationMonroe
Carleton StationMonroe
Grafton StationMonroe
Macon Ridge Agricultural Experiment StationMonroe
Monroe StationMonroe
Monroe Station (historical)Monroe
Mount Croghan Station (historical)Monroe
Newport Station (historical)Monroe
North Louisiana Experimental StationMonroe
Scofield StationMonroe
Steiner StationMonroe
Sterlington StationMonroe
Stony Creek Station (historical)Monroe
Strasburg Station (historical)Monroe
Auburn University of Agricultural Experiment StationMonroeville
Dice Pumping StationMonroeville
Hill Pumping StationMonroeville
Repeater StationMonroeville
Sloan Pumping StationMonroeville
Tonkin Pumping StationMonroeville
Point Montara Light StationMontara
Ditch Plain Life Saving Station (historical)Montauk
Hither Plain Life Saving Station (historical)Montauk
Auburn University Agricultural Experiment StationMontgomery
Auburn University Experiment StationMontgomery
Shorters Station (historical)Montgomery
Baker Guard StationMonticello
Baker Ranger StationMonticello
Dove Creek Pumping StationMonticello
Indian Creek Ranger StationMonticello
Nobody StationMonticello
North Cottonwood Guard StationMonticello
The Needles Ranger StationMonticello
Tusten StationMonticello
Marshfield StationMontpelier
Columbine Guard StationMontrose
Gunnison Point Visitor Center Ranger StationMontrose
North Rim Ranger StationMontrose
Silesca Guard StationMontrose
South Rim Ranger StationMontrose
Old Phantom Creek Ranger StationMonument
Syre Station (historical)Moorhead
Lackawanna StationMoosic
Atlas Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Beckett Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Blairs Mill Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Brashears Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Bruce Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Buena Vista Cabin Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Buena Vista StationMorehead
Chalkley StationMorehead
Dravo Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Enterprise Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Freestone Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Grahams Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Helechawa Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Index Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Irvin Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Lewis Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Lick Fork Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Licking Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Licking Union Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Manchester Station LandingMorehead
Midland Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Mill Creek Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Ore Mines Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Paragon Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
R O Cabin Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Ragland Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Rockville Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Rome StationMorehead
Rose Fork Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Saint Pauls Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Salt Lick Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Stone Branch Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Trace Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Trinity Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
V A Cabin Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Wells Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Wells StationMorehead
Wright Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Wrigley Railroad Station (historical)Morehead
Brave StationMorgantown
Dellslow Station (historical)Morgantown
Geigertown Station (historical)Morgantown
United States Bureau of Mines Appalachian Experiment StationMorgantown
Clines Corners Weather StationMoriarty
McIntosh Weather StationMoriarty
Mountainair Ranger StationMoriarty
Mountainair Weather StationMoriarty
Otto Weather StationMoriarty
Pedernal Weather StationMoriarty
Rencona Weather StationMoriarty
Tajique Weather StationMoriarty
Gibson StationMorristown
Hignite Railroad Station (historical)Morristown
Morrow Police StationMorrow
Bovard StationMoscow
Estes StationMoscow
Palouse District Ranger StationMoscow
Dinner Station CampgroundMount Crested Butte
Dorchester Guard StationMount Crested Butte
Taylor Park Ranger StationMount Crested Butte
Green Hill StationMount Juliet
Bedford Hills StationMount Kisco
Chappaqua StationMount Kisco
Croton - Harmon StationMount Kisco
Goldens Bridge StationMount Kisco
Katonah StationMount Kisco
Mount Kisco StationMount Kisco
Foster StationMount Laurel
Reeves StationMount Laurel
Wilkins StationMount Laurel
Alamando Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Barryton Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Blanchard Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Bundy Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Chippewa Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Clarence Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Coleman Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Delwin Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Farwell StationMount Pleasant
Harrison Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Hatton Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Herrick Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Lake George StationMount Pleasant
Lake Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Leaton Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Loomis Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Lyle Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Marion StationMount Pleasant
Mecosta Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Millbrook Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Mount Pleasant StationMount Pleasant
Pennock StationMount Pleasant
Phelps StationMount Pleasant
Remus Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Rosebush StationMount Pleasant
Sears Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Shepherd StationMount Pleasant
Talco City Pumping StationMount Pleasant
Temple StationMount Pleasant
Weidman Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Wise Station (historical)Mount Pleasant
Coffee Creek Guard StationMount Shasta
Goldfield Ranger Station (historical)Mount Shasta
Harris Spring Guard StationMount Shasta
Pilgrim Creek Experimental StationMount Shasta
Amos Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Apperson Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Argyle Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Bowden Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Carlisle Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Cedar Grove Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Chambers Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Chimney Top Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Clay Lick Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Cowan Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Ewing Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Ewington Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Gatewood Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Glencairn Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Glencairn Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
High Fall Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Indian Fields Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Irish Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Johnson Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Klondike Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
McCausey Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Means Pumping StationMount Sterling
Millers Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Millers Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Mountain Top Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Myers Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Nada Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Natural Bridge Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Nepton Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Oggs Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Olympia Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Parks Mill Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Pine Ridge Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Pleasant Valley Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Preston Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Rothwell Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Sentinel Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Shawnee Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Slade Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Spencer Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Stepstone Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Thomson Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Virden Railroad Station (historical)Mount Sterling
Fir StationMount Vernon
Moores Station (historical)Mount Vernon
Arkana StationMountain Home
Bruneau Guard StationMountain Home
Buford StationMountain Home
Danskin Guard StationMountain Home
Idaho State Highway Maintenance StationMountain Home
Lester Creek Forest Service StationMountain Home
Little Valley Compressor StationMountain Home
Shake Creek Ranger StationMountain Home
Sylamore Experimental StationMountain Home
Trinity Lakes Guard StationMountain Home
Willow Creek Guard StationMountain Home
Allen Station (historical)Mountain Iron
Biwabik StationMountain Iron
Buhl StationMountain Iron
Carson StationMountain Iron
Central Lakes StationMountain Iron
Chisholm StationMountain Iron
Cook StationMountain Iron
Elcore Station (historical)Mountain Iron
Elmer StationMountain Iron
Embarrass Station (historical)Mountain Iron
Forbes StationMountain Iron
Gheen Station (historical)Mountain Iron
Gilbert StationMountain Iron
Hibbing StationMountain Iron
Hinsdale StationMountain Iron
Idington StationMountain Iron
Kelly Lake StationMountain Iron
Kelsey StationMountain Iron
McComber Station (historical)Mountain Iron
McKinley StationMountain Iron
Meadowlands StationMountain Iron
Melrude StationMountain Iron
Mesaba StationMountain Iron
Mountain Iron StationMountain Iron
Parkville StationMountain Iron
Pineville StationMountain Iron
Redore StationMountain Iron
Sax StationMountain Iron
Soudan StationMountain Iron
Sparta StationMountain Iron
Tower Station (historical)Mountain Iron
Virginia StationMountain Iron
Wilpen StationMountain Iron
Zim StationMountain Iron
Mountain View Caltrain StationMountain View
San Antonio Caltrain StationMountain View
Conundrum Guard StationMt. Crested Butte
Mormon Ranger StationMunds Park
Citico Warden StationMurphy
Tellico Ranger StationMurphy
Bay Island Pumping StationMuscatine
Muscatine Island Pumping StationMuscatine
Ononwa StationMuscatine
Broham StationMuskegon
Dennison Station (historical)Muskegon
Dickinson Station (historical)Muskegon
East Golden Station (historical)Muskegon
Fields Station (historical)Muskegon
Fremont Station (historical)Muskegon
Fruitport Station (historical)Muskegon
Holton StationMuskegon
Mears Station (historical)Muskegon
Montague Station (historical)Muskegon
Muskegon Heights Station (historical)Muskegon
New Era Station (historical)Muskegon
Newaygo StationMuskegon
Nunica Station (historical)Muskegon
Ramona StationMuskegon
Ravenna Station (historical)Muskegon
Reeman Station (historical)Muskegon
Rothbury Station (historical)Muskegon
Shelby Station (historical)Muskegon
Sullivan Station (historical)Muskegon
Sweets Station (historical)Muskegon
Twin Lake StationMuskegon
White Cloud StationMuskegon
Wooster Station (historical)Muskegon
Latimer Reef Light StationMystic
Mystic StationMystic

* Please note, not all lists are complete.
USA list contains 'stations' not related to transportation.