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Cragin StationOak Park
Galewood StationOak Park
Hanson Park StationOak Park
Moreland StationOak Park
Sayre StationOak Park
Auberry Forest Service StationOakhurst
Bass Lake Ranger StationOakhurst
Bass Lake StationOakhurst
Batterson StationOakhurst
Big Creek Administration StationOakhurst
Clearwater Forest Service StationOakhurst
Coarse Gold Fire StationOakhurst
D and D Pack StationOakhurst
Daulton StationOakhurst
Dinkey Creek Ranger StationOakhurst
Ely Forest Service StationOakhurst
Minarets Ranger StationOakhurst
Musick Guard StationOakhurst
Pine Ridge Ranger StationOakhurst
Placer Forest Service StationOakhurst
Placer Guard StationOakhurst
Rancheria Fire Station CDFOakhurst
Zebra StationOakhurst
Adeline Street Station (historical)Oakland
Bear Creek Fish Rearing StationOakland
Broadway Station (historical)Oakland
Center Street Station (historical)Oakland
Clinton Station (historical)Oakland
Damon Station (historical)Oakland
East Oakland Station (historical)Oakland
Elmhurst Station (historical)Oakland
Fernside Station (historical)Oakland
Fruitvale StationOakland
Market Street Station (historical)Oakland
Melrose Station (historical)Oakland
Oak Street Station (historical)Oakland
Patomac District Ranger StationOakland
Pine Street Station (historical)Oakland
Sather Station (historical)Oakland
Seventh Street Station (historical)Oakland
Sixteenth Street StationOakland
Thornhill Station (historical)Oakland
West Oakland stationOakland
West Oakland stationOakland
McFall StationOcala
Minehead StationOcala
Ironshire StationOcean City
Queponco StationOcean City
Raugust StationOdessa
Willard Pumping Station Number 1Ogden
Big Springs Guard Station (historical)Ojai
Chuchupate Ranger StationOjai
Gold Hill Guard Station (historical)Ojai
Hartman Guard Station (historical)Ojai
Ojai District Ranger StationOjai
Ojai Refuse Transfer StationOjai
Ozena Guard StationOjai
Potrero Seco Guard Station (historical)Ojai
Rose Valley StationOjai
Thorn Meadows Guard StationOjai
Ventucopa Ranger StationOjai
Wheeler Gorge Fire StationOjai
Fort Basinger StationOkeechobee
Okeechobee Amtrak StationOkeechobee
South Florida Water Management District Pumping Station 127Okeechobee
South Florida Water Management District Pumping Station 129Okeechobee
South Florida Water Management District Pumping Station 133Okeechobee
South Florida Water Management District Pumping Station 135Okeechobee
Steel Station Railroad StationOkeechobee
Okemos StationOkemos
Santa Fe StationOklahoma City
Union StationOklahoma City
Cos Cob StationOld Greenwich
Riverside StationOld Greenwich
Goodspeed Station (historical)Old Saybrook
Saybrook Station (historical)Old Saybrook
Sunshine Park Railroad StationOldsmar
City of Olean Filter Plant and Pumping StationOlean
Turtle Point StationOlean
Fir Creek Guard StationOlympia
Intermount Guard Station (historical)Olympia
Le Bar Guard Station (historical)Olympia
Nisqually StationOlympia
Staircase Ranger StationOlympia
Staircase Ranger StationOlympia
Duncan Peak Forest Service StationOlympic Valley
French Meadows Forest Service StationOlympic Valley
Greek Store Guard StationOlympic Valley
Honey Creek Station (historical)Omaha
Aeneas Guard StationOmak
Conconully Information StationOmak
Thirty Mile Guard StationOmak
Oxford StationOneonta
Bluff Station FerryOntario
Dunaway Pumping StationOntario
Mann Creek Guard StationOntario
Presley StationOntario
Rock Island StationOntario
Alabama Agricultural Experiment StationOpelika
Barbreck StationOpelousas
El Modena Station (historical)Orange
Isleworth Railroad StationOrlando
Orlando Amtrak StationOrlando
Pumping Station Number 3Orlando
Winter Park Amtrak StationOrlando
Woodsmere Sub-StationOrlando
Orleans United States Life Saving Station (historical)Orleans
Bradford StationOrono
Enfield StationOrono
Berry Creek Station (historical)Oroville
Biggs Station (historical)Oroville
Brownsville Fire StationOroville
Coyote Gap Forest Service StationOroville
Coyote Gap Forest Service StationOroville
Hurleton Fire StationOroville
Kelly Ridge Fire StationOroville
Manzanita Fire StationOroville
USDA Rice Experimental StationOroville
Green Lake Station (historical)Oshkosh
Oswego Station (historical)Oswego
Alpine Guard StationOuray
Bristol View Ranger StationOuray
Jackson Guard StationOuray
Old Stage StationOuray
One Hundred Forty - Third Street Booster StationOverland Park
Overland Station ShopsOverland Park
Stanley Station CenterOverland Park
Davidson StationOwensboro
Haynes StationOwensboro
Reynolds StationOwensboro
Shorts StationOwensboro
Banner Compressor StationOxford
Chandler Spring Station (historical)Oxford
Choccolocco Ranger StationOxford
Coldwater StationOxford
College Hill StationOxford
Kentuck Ranger StationOxford
Eldorado Pumping StationOzona
High Lonesome Stage StationOzona
Kemper StationOzona

* Please note, not all lists are complete.
USA list contains 'stations' not related to transportation.