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Union StationTacoma
General Creek Ranger StationTahoe City
General Creek StationTahoe City
Hartless Guard StationTahoe City
Meeks Bay Ranger StationTahoe City
Schlein Ranger StationTahoe City
William Kent Guard Station and CampTahoe City
West Hyattsville Metro StationTakoma Park
Boulevard Railroad StationTampa
Dewey Railroad StationTampa
Drew Station Railroad StationTampa
Ewing Railroad StationTampa
Flora Railroad StationTampa
Hillsboro Railroad StationTampa
Lake Carroll Railroad StationTampa
Lou Railroad StationTampa
MacDill Railroad StationTampa
Newbern Railroad StationTampa
Parkers Railroad StationTampa
Port Tampa Railroad StationTampa
Reeves Railroad StationTampa
Rockport Railroad StationTampa
Sutton Railroad StationTampa
Tampa Railroad StationTampa
Tampa Trolley StationTampa
Union StationTampa
Ybor City Railroad StationTampa
Black Lake Weather StationTaos
Camino Real Forest Service StationTaos
Carson Forest Service StationTaos
Cerro Weather StationTaos
Chacon Weather StationTaos
Eagle Nest Weather StationTaos
Elizabethtown Weather StationTaos
Penasco Ranger StationTaos
Penasco Weather StationTaos
Questa Ranger StationTaos
Red River Weather StationTaos
Taos Ranger StationTaos
Taos Weather StationTaos
Tres Piedras Weather StationTaos
Kelly StationTarentum
Merwin Compressor StationTarentum
Roaring Run Gas Pumping StationTarentum
Hawthorne StationTarrytown
Irvington StationTarrytown
Lake Street Pumping StationTarrytown
Mount Pleasant StationTarrytown
Ossining StationTarrytown
Philipse Manor StationTarrytown
Pleasantville StationTarrytown
Scarborough StationTarrytown
Tarrytown StationTarrytown
Worthington Station (historical)Tarrytown
South Rockwood Station (historical)Taylor
Antelope StationTehachapi
Landers Meadow Guard StationTehachapi
Lebec Pumping StationTehachapi
West Antelope StationTehachapi
Columbine Ranger StationTelluride
Dunton Guard StationTelluride
Engineer Mountain Forest Service StationTelluride
Lone Cone Gauard StationTelluride
Rico Ranger StationTelluride
Riverside County Bear Creek Forest Service StationTemecula
Tenaja Guard StationTemecula
El Paso Natural Gas Company Compressor StationTempe
Congress Heights Metro StationTemple Hills
Naylor Road Metro StationTemple Hills
Southern Avenue Metro StationTemple Hills
Suitland Metro StationTemple Hills
Bergenfield StationTenafly
Demarest StationTenafly
Dumont StationTenafly
Ludlow StationTenafly
Riverdale StationTenafly
Tenafly StationTenafly
Elsworth StationTerre Haute
Milton StationTerre Haute
Okalla StationTerre Haute
Sand Creek StationTerre Haute
Blackrock Ranger StationTeton Village
Buffalo Fork Entrance StationTeton Village
Cascade Ranger StationTeton Village
White Grass Ranger StationTeton Village
Bechler River Ranger StationTetonia
Porcupine Ranger StationTetonia
Snake River Ranger StationTetonia
Squirrel Meadows Forest Service StationTetonia
Squirrel Meadows Guard StationTetonia
White Cliffs StationTexarkana
San Leon StationTexas City
Birdseye StationThermopolis
Cottonwood Ranger StationThermopolis
Neiber Pulliam StationThermopolis
Winchester Chatham StationThermopolis
Convent Station (historical)Thibodaux
Hester Station (historical)Thibodaux
Badger Fire Control StationThree Rivers
Elderwood StationThree Rivers
Greeley Ranger Station (historical)Three Rivers
Lookout Point Ranger StationThree Rivers
McKenzie Guard StationThree Rivers
McKenzie Guard StationThree Rivers
Roads End StationThree Rivers
Shake Camp Pack StationThree Rivers
South Fork Ranger StationThree Rivers
Georgia Coastal Plain Experimental StationTifton
Greenburg Station (historical)Tigard
Murphy Guard StationTillamook
Trask Guard StationTillamook
Northfield StationTilton
Frankfort Station (historical)Tinley Park
Summit Station (historical)Tinley Park
Howell StationTinton Falls
Toccoa Pumping StationToccoa
Erie StationToledo
Lambertville Station (historical)Toledo
Morocco StationToledo
Samaria StationToledo
Temperance StationToledo
Willits StationToledo
Bear Bluff StationTomah
Eleva StationTomah
Komensky StationTomah
Benmore Guard StationTooele
Clover StationTooele
Lookout Pass Pony Express StationTooele
Saint John StationTooele
Site of Rush Valley Pony Express StationTooele
South Willow Guard StationTooele
Warner StationTooele
Mill Creek Guard StationToppenish
Satus Number 2 Pumping StationToppenish
Satus Number 3 Pumping StationToppenish
Satus Ranger StationToppenish
Aquarius Guard StationTorrey
Clear Creek Guard StationTorrey
Cowpuncher Guard StationTorrey
Elkhorn Guard StationTorrey
Elkhorn Ranger Station and Forest CampTorrey
Jubilee Guard StationTorrey
Loa District Ranger StationTorrey
Teasdale District Ranger StationTorrey
Wildcat Ranger StationTorrey
Great Notch StationTotowa
Montclair Heights StationTotowa
Long Green StationTowson
Tracy Pumping StationTracy
Acme StationTraverse City
Alden Station (historical)Traverse City
Angell Station (historical)Traverse City
Bagnall Station (historical)Traverse City
Barker Creek Station (historical)Traverse City
Bates StationTraverse City
Beitner Station (historical)Traverse City
Bendon Station (historical)Traverse City
Beulah Station (historical)Traverse City
Bingham Station (historical)Traverse City
Cadillac Ranger District Work StationTraverse City
Cadillac StationTraverse City
Cedar Run Station (historical)Traverse City
Comfort Station (historical)Traverse City
Crofton StationTraverse City
Elk Rapids Station (historical)Traverse City
Empire Station (historical)Traverse City
Falmouth Station (historical)Traverse City
Fife Lake StationTraverse City
Fouch Station (historical)Traverse City
Frey Station (historical)Traverse City
Gilbert StationTraverse City
Grawn StationTraverse City
Greilickville Station (historical)Traverse City
Haire StationTraverse City
Haring StationTraverse City
Harlan Station (historical)Traverse City
Harrietta StationTraverse City
Homestead Station (historical)Traverse City
Honor Station (historical)Traverse City
Interlochen Station (historical)Traverse City
Kalkaska StationTraverse City
Karlin Station (historical)Traverse City
Keswick Station (historical)Traverse City
Keystone Station (historical)Traverse City
Kingsley StationTraverse City
Lake Ann Station (historical)Traverse City
Lake City Station (historical)Traverse City
Leelanau Station (historical)Traverse City
Leetsville StationTraverse City
Mabel Station (historical)Traverse City
Manton StationTraverse City
Mayfield StationTraverse City
Melva Station (historical)Traverse City
Mesick Station (historical)Traverse City
Millersville Station (historical)Traverse City
Missaukee Junction StationTraverse City
Nessen City Station (historical)Traverse City
Northport Station (historical)Traverse City
Omena Station (historical)Traverse City
Pomona Station (historical)Traverse City
Rapid City Station (historical)Traverse City
Schomberg Station (historical)Traverse City
Sharon Station (historical)Traverse City
Sigma Station (historical)Traverse City
Slights Station (historical)Traverse City
Solon Station (historical)Traverse City
South Boardman StationTraverse City
Spencer Station (historical)Traverse City
Stormer Station (historical)Traverse City
Summit City StationTraverse City
Suttons Bay Station (historical)Traverse City
Thompsonville Station (historical)Traverse City
Wallin Station (historical)Traverse City
Walton StationTraverse City
Weather Station CampgroundTraverse City
Westwood StationTraverse City
Williamsburg StationTraverse City
Yuma StationTraverse City
Grandine Ranger StationTremonton
West Morrisville StationTrenton
Possum Point Power StationTriangle
Capulin Weather StationTrinidad
Dawson Weather StationTrinidad
Raton Weather StationTrinidad
Raton Weather StationTrinidad
Escalante District Ranger StationTropic
Upper Valley Guard StationTropic
Corbett StationTroutdale
Fairbanks Pumping StationTroy
Hardin StationTroy
Midway Station (historical)Troy
Niagara-Mohawk Power Corporation Lansingburgh Sub-StationTroy
Niagara-Mohawk Power Corporation Seventh Avenue Sub-StationTroy
Niagara-Mohawk Power Corporation Waterford Sub-StationTroy
Pike Station Public Access AreaTroy
Big Bend Forest Service StationTruckee
Brockway Guard StationTruckee
Clark Station HomesitesTruckee
Jackson Meadow StationTruckee
Lakes Basin Guard StationTruckee
Lewis Mill StationTruckee
Mohawk Ranger StationTruckee
Pass Creek Guard StationTruckee
Sierraville Ranger StationTruckee
Truckee Ranger StationTruckee
Wild Plum Forest Service StationTruckee
Argo Station (historical)Trussville
Aleman Weather StationTruth or Consequences
Caballo Weather StationTruth or Consequences
Elephant Butte StationTruth or Consequences
Elephant Butte Weather StationTruth or Consequences
Hillsboro Weather StationTruth or Consequences
Jornado Weather StationTruth or Consequences
Kingston Ranger StationTruth or Consequences
Space Surveillance StationTruth or Consequences
Truth or Consequences Weather StationTruth or Consequences
Winston Weather StationTruth or Consequences
El Paso Natural Gas Company Compressor StationTucson
Madrona Ranger StationTucson
Oracle Ranger StationTucson
Oracle Turbine StationTucson
Palisade Ranger StationTucson
Fayetteville Pumping StationTullahoma
Delphi StationTully
Georgetown StationTully
Webster StationTully
Wenzel Springs Pumping StationTumwater
Monroe Missionary Station (historical)Tupelo
Pontotoc Ridge-flatlands State Experiment StationTupelo
Pasture Wash Ranger StationTusayan
Coker Station (historical)Tuscaloosa
Tanglewood University of Alabama Biological StationTuscaloosa
Thornhill StationTuscaloosa
Barton Compressor StationTuscumbia
Lee Station (historical)Tuscumbia
Spring Valley StationTuscumbia
Indian Cove Ranger StationTwentynine Palms
Lost Horse Ranger StationTwentynine Palms
North Entrance StationTwentynine Palms
Besslen StationTwin Falls
Bostetter Forest Service StationTwin Falls
Curry StationTwin Falls
Hunt StationTwin Falls
Jerome StationTwin Falls
Marley StationTwin Falls
Milner StationTwin Falls
Pumping Station 10Twin Falls
Rock Creek Guard StationTwin Falls
Shoshone Forest Service StationTwin Falls

* Please note, not all lists are complete.
USA list contains 'stations' not related to transportation.